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Protection for your family

What benefits will be paid if I die after retiring on pension?


Your husband, wife, civil partner, co-habiting partner, next-of-kin or person dealing with your estate must inform Bedfordshire Pension Fund of your date of death as soon as possible.  This is so we can see if there are any dependants' benefits due and prevent overpayments or keep them to a minimum.


If you die whilst receiving a pension, any benefits payable will depend on when you left the pension scheme and if you have eligible dependants when you die. 


When you die, Bedfordshire Pension Fund may pay a pension to your husband/wife or your civil partner or your cohabiting partner and any dependent children.  You have to have paid into the LGPS on or after 1 April 2008 for a pension to be payable to your eligible cohabiting partner.


The amount of pension is based on how long you were contributing to the pension scheme, your pay when you retired, and any dependants you leave.  The pension will be payable for life to your husband/wife or your civil partner or your cohabiting partner even if they remarry.  If you married after you retired, not all your membership may count towards a pension for your husband or wife, civil partner or cohabiting partner.


A lump sum may also be payable if you die.  This will depend on when you retired and on how many years your pension has been in payment.  Your pension has a guaranteed period of either 5 or 10 years depending on when you stopped paying in to the pension scheme.  You may wish to complete an expression of wish form to name who you would like to receive the lump sum.



More information about the benefits payable if you die after retiring on pension is available on the LGPS members' website  or you  can  contact Bedfordshire Pension Fund.