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Fund policies


Administering Authority discretions policy March 2022 (PDF 560KB)


Administration Strategy March 2024 (PDF 428KB)


Admission and Termination Policy September 2023 (PDF 358KB)


Business Plan 2024-2028 (PDF 409KB)


Code of conduct and conflict of interest policy (Pension Board) Dec 2016 (PDF 228KB)


Code of conduct and conflict of interest policy (Pension Committee) July 2024 (PDF 132KB) 


Communications Policy April 2024 (PDF 310KB)


Contribution review policy  August 2021 (PDF 189KB)


Deferred debt and debt spreading agreement policies (PDF 192KB) 


Funding Strategy Statement September 2023 (PDF 329KB)


Governance Policy June 2022 (PDF 251KB)


Investment Strategy Statement November 2023 (PDF 509KB)


Policy for reporting breaches of the law to the Pensions Regulator June 2022 (PDF 375KB)






Bedfordshire Pension Fund works with eleven other pension funds to have a common approach to Responsible Investment through our pool company Border to Coast Pensions Partnership (BCPP).  You can view the following policies on the BCPP website.


Responsible Investment Policy January 2024

Corporate Governance and Voting Guidelines January 2024

Climate Change Policy January 2024