• Take charge of your pension

    Manage your pension account with My Pension Online, where you can register to view your pension record, update your details and learn more about your pension benefits.

  • Joining the scheme

    The LGPS offers flexibility around how much you pay in pension contributions, which depends on how much you're paid.

  • Estimates of benefits

    You can choose to retire and draw your pension from the LGPS at any time from age 55 to 75.

  • Thinking of Opting out?

    Before making the decision to opt out of the LGPS you may want to consider the 50/50 option.


About Bedfordshire Pension Fund


Bedfordshire Pension Fund is responsible for the pensions of Local Government employees across Bedfordshire, as well as those from other types of employers participating in the scheme.   Most employees from the participating employers automatically become members of the LGPS when they start employment.









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Thinking of Joining?

The Local Government Pension scheme offers many benefits for members and their dependants

Joining the pension scheme

Online pensions

Login or register for access to My Pension online to view and update pensions information.

My Pension Online

Need to make a change?

Access the forms that can be used to make changes to your pension arrangements

Forms for members

How is my benefit calculated?

Find out how your pension benefits are affected at the end of each scheme year.

Pensions benefit calculator

Thinking about retirement?

Essential information to prepare you for retirement including when and how you can retire

Nearing retirement

Thinking of leaving?

Before making the decision to leave the pensions scheme, you need to consider the options.

Opting out of the pension scheme