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Update on coronavirus

At Bedfordshire Pension Fund we're working hard to keep our service for Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) members running as usual.


You may have seen stories about the stock market fall and the effect this is having on pensions.  Please be assured that the value of your benefits in the LGPS is not affected by the fall in stock markets because the LGPS is what is known as a ‘defined benefit’ scheme.  An FAQ on corornavirus and the LGPS document has been produced to answer this and other questions and concerns that LGPS members may have.


We are not able to see visitors at our offices at Borough Hall until further notice.  This is so that we can protect members of the scheme and pension fund staff.


We currently have limited access to the post service at Bedford Borough Hall so there are delays in us receiving and processing post.  If you need to send forms or correspondence to the pension fund we ask that you send it to us by email and not in the post.


If you need to contact us or send us correspondence please email  If you need to speak to someone about how to send your correspondence, please call 01234 276912.


You may experience some delays in receiving responses to your queries or receiving information about your pension.  Our priority is to pay pensions (both new and existing) and we are doing everything we can to continue to provide our normal service for members of the LGPS.