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Fund Governance


Bedfordshire Pension Fund Structure June 2017 (PDF 70KB)


Policies and Documents


Actuarial Valuations


Administering Authority Discretions (Sept 2014, PDF 61KB))

            Amendment to Abatement Policy (PDF 5.12KB)


Admission Policy (March 2018, PDF 250KB)


Annual Reports


Academy schools information


Business Plan 2018-2022  (PDF 580KB)


Code of conduct and conflict of interest policy (PDF 228)


Communications Policy (PDF 72KB)


Corporate Governance and Voting Guidelines (PDF 427KB)


Funding Strategy Statement 2017 (PDF 487KB)


Governance Best Practice Compliance Statement (PDF 152KB)


Governance Policy (PDF 44KB)


Investment Pooling


Investment Strategy Statement (PDF 480KB)


LGPS review and consultations

               Bedfordshire Pension Fund responses to consultations

               LGPS review archive


Local Authority Pension Fund Forum (LAPFF) Reports


Myners Principles Review (PDF 157KB)


Pensions Regulator - Procedure for reporting breaches of the law to the Regulator (PDF 44KB)


Risk Register (PDF 485KB)



If you have any comments on the Governance documents, please contact Geoff Reader, Head of Pensions.