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Queries and Complaints

If you are in doubt about your benefit entitlement, or have a problem or questions about your Local Government Pension Scheme membership or benefits, please contact Bedfordshire Pension Fund.


When you consider whether or not you have a complaint, remember that the benefits payable under the Local Government Pension Scheme are defined by law (Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations).


To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience to you, Bedfordshire Pension Fund would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the matter with which you are dissatisfied, before you consider a formal complaint under the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure.


Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure

If you are dissatisfied with any decision made in relation to the scheme and the regulations, you have the right to have your complaint independently reviewed under the Internal Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Your complaint must set out particulars of the disagreement, including a statement as to its nature with sufficient details to show why you are aggrieved.

The procedure consists of 2 stages:-

Stage 1

You should contact your employer with your complaint within six months of receipt of the notification of the decision about which you are complaining. The employer is required to have someone independent of you and your complaint review whether the regulations and any relevant decisions have been properly followed in your case.

Stage 2

If you are still not satisfied with the decision of your employers' independent referee, and within six months of that decision, you can apply to Bedford Borough Council, as the administering authority, to reconsider that decision. Please address such applications to Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford MK42 9AP.


Further information

The Pensions Ombudsman (TPO) and the Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) are also available to assist members of the scheme.

If you have a complaint or dispute with your pension provider concerning your pension you can contact The Pensions Ombudsman:

Telephone: 0800 917 4487                



If you need information and guidance concerning your pension arrangements you can contact The Pensions Advisory Service:

Telephone: 0300 123 1047