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LGPS Review Archive


The Department for Communities and Local Government held a consultation on the Local Government Pension Regulations 2014, relating to the introduction of governance and cost control arrangements.  The consultation document can be viewed here (PDF 532KB).  The consultation closed on 21st November 2014.


The LGPS Project Board released a Joint Statement on 18 January 2014 updating the latest position regarding the 2014 LGPS.  Please click here to view the statement.


LGPS New Governance Arrangements - Discussion Paper August 2013


The Department for Communities and Local Government has issued draft regulations for the Local Government Pension Scheme 2014 and opened a consultation on the regulations which is open until May 2013.  Details of the consultation can be viewed by clicking here  


There was a previous consultation which closed on 8th February 2013.  The Local Government Association (LGA) has issued a briefing note on this earlier consultation which you can view by clicking here.  Bedfordshire Pension Fund's response to the consultation can be viewed on our Responses to Consultations page.


Bedfordshire Pension Fund's Response to DCLG consultation on LGPS 2014 draft regulations (PDF 64KB) February 2013


Bedfordshire Pension Fund's Response to DCLG consultation on LGPS (PDF 23KB) -  

January 2012 

Consultation on proposed increases to employee contribution rates and changes to scheme accrual rates, effective from 1 April 2012 in England and Wales  

The response from Bedfordshire Pension Fund to this consultation can be viewed here (November 2011)


Proposed employee contribution rate rise - letter from Bedfordshire Pension Fund to the Chancellor of the Exchequer -  June 2011 (59KB)


Fair Deal Consultation - response from Bedfordshire Pension Fund June 2011 (107KB)


The Independent Public Service Pensions Commission, chaired by John Hutton, has made recommendations on how public service pensions can be made sustainable and affordable in the long term. The responses from Bedfordshire Pension Fund can be viewed by clicking on the links below.


Bedfordshire Pension Fund's letter to Communities and Local Government regarding the Independent Public Service Commission Final Report  (PDF 170KB) - September 2011


Response from Bedfordshire Pension Fund regarding the call for evidence for the IPSPC final report (PDF 168KB) - December 2010


The interim report from the Commission was issued in October and the report and further information can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Interim report from the Independent Public Service Pensions Commission 07/10/2010


Independent Public Service Pensions Commission -  Response from Bedfordshire Pension Fund - July 2010