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Annual Return

Employers are required to submit three forms for the Bedfordshire Pension Fund Annual Return. 

Please see below the spreadsheets and guidance notes to be used for the submission of data for the 2017/18 financial year.


contpost 2017/18 (Excel spreadsheet 34KB)

care 2017/18 (Excel spreadsheet 31KB) 

The form 'Summary of Total Local Government Pension Contributions' for 2017/18 will appear here shortly. 


Guidance notes for completing the 'contpost' and 'care' spreadsheets 2017/18 (Word 53KB)

List of employer codes  (Excel spreadsheet 56KB)


The spreadsheets 'contpost' and 'care' are for the submission of individual member data and the 'Summary of Total Local Government Pension Contributions' spreadsheet  is to be completed with the total pension contribution amounts that have been paid over to Bedfordshire Pension Fund during the year.