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Receiving a Dependant's Pension

If you are receiving a dependant's pension from Bedfordshire Pension Fund, then your pension will be paid to you monthly in arrears on the last Thursday of each month.  Pension payments may be made earlier in the month of December.   See our list of pension pay dates.


It is the policy of Bedfordshire Pension Fund to pay all new pension payments automatically to a bank account.  Therefore, unless we have been notified of any change in banking details, all future payments will be sent to the account held at the time your pension started.


If you are receiving a child's pension then certain changes to your circumstances may affect your eligibility to receive the pension.  Please see the national LGPS members' website for more information on who is eligible to receive a child's pension.


If you have changed your bank account or your home address you will need to notify us in writing. 

Download a Change of Bank Account form

Download a Change of Address form


Should you have any queries regarding the pension that we pay to you, please contact us.