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What happens if I die leaving a deferred benefit in the scheme?

One of the benefits of the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is that there is provision for the payment of a lump sum death grant if you die before receiving your pension benefits.  If you would like this lump sum to be paid to a particular person you can complete an expression of wish form to let us know who you would like the lump sum to be paid to.  Please visit our page on the lump sum death grant for more information.


There may also be other benefits payable if you die leaving a deferred benefit in the LGPS.


A survivor's pension. A pension will be paid to your husband, wife, registered civil partner or, subject to certain qualifying conditions, your co-habiting partner. This pension is payable immediately after your death for the rest of their life.


Children's pensions - these are payable to eligible children.  The amount of pension depends on the number of eligible children you have and if a survivor's pension is also being paid to your husband/wife/civil partner or nominated cohabiting partner.


Please contact Bedfordshire Pension Fund if you would like further information about survivor benefits, or the LGPS member website has more information about the benefits payable if you die leaving a deferred benefit in the scheme.