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When can deferred benefits be paid?

The date your benefits are payable from depends on your length of service and when you joined the scheme.     Your Deferred Pensioner Annual Benefit Statement shows the date your benefits are payable from and this date is known as your Normal Pension Date.


We will write to you approximately a month in advance of your Normal Pension Date enclosing the forms you need to complete in order to put your benefits into payment.


You may be able to claim your deferred benefits before your Normal Pension Date but your benefits will be reduced to reflect the early payment. 


Following changes to LGPS regulations which came into effect from 14 May 2018, if you left the LGPS with a deferred benefit before 1 April 2014, you can now choose to take early  payment of your deferred benefits from age 55 (rather than 60). The change to the scheme rules means that you no longer need the consent of your former employer to take your benefits between the ages of 55 and 59.  Members who left the LGPS with a deferred benefit on or after 1 April 2014 (except councillors) were already able to choose to take early payment of their deferred benefits from age 55 without needing their former employer’s consent, and this has not changed.


The early payment reduction applied depends on how early you take payment.  You will need to write to us 2 months before the day you would like to receive your benefits to start this process.


Our Guide For New Pensioners (PDF 205KB) answers some of the frequently asked questions that our members have when their deferred benefits go into payment.