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When Can I Retire?

From 1st April 2014 the Normal Pension Age for members of the LGPS is the same as their State Pension age (subject to a minimum of age 65).  'Normal Pension Age' is the age at which a member of the scheme can retire and take the pension they have built up, without any reductions. 

If a member takes their pension before their Normal Pension Age it will normally be reduced, as it’s being paid earlier.  If a member takes their pension later than their Normal Pension Age it will be increased because it’s being paid later.

You can find out your State Pension Age by visiting the following website:


To be entitled to retirement benefits you need to have been a member of the scheme for two years or have brought in a transfer from another pension scheme, or already have a deferred benefit elsewhere in the LGPS in England or Wales.


You may choose to retire earlier or later than your Normal Pension Age, or you may have to retire due to redundancy or ill health.  There are specific rules which relate to each type of retirement so this section of the website looks at different types of retirement and the rules that apply.


Early retirement through redundancy or business efficiency

Ill-health retirement

Early retirement at your request

Flexible Retirement

Retiring after your Normal Pension Age