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Late Retirement

If you choose to carry on working after your Normal Pension Age you will continue to pay into the LGPS, building up further benefits.  You can receive your pension when you retire.  Your pension has to be paid by your 75th birthday.

If you retire at or after your Normal Pension Age you can, if you wish, defer drawing your pension but you must draw it by age 75.

Because you will have already passed your Normal Pension Age when you retire, there are no early retirement reductions to your benefits, no matter how little membership you have.  In fact, if you draw your pension after your Normal Pension Age your benefits will be paid at an increased rate.

The benefits are increased by factors set by the Government Actuary's Department and these factors are subject to change.  With effect from 4th January 2017 the factors have been amended and the rate of increase has been reduced.  Further changes may be made in February 2019.  Please contact Bedfordshire Pension Fund if you need more information.