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Additional Pension Contributions

One of the provisions of the Local Government Pension Scheme is that you can pay Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) in order to buy extra LGPS pension. 


You can buy extra pension by paying APCs regularly, over a period of time, or you can buy extra pension by paying in a one-off lump sum.  Currently, the maximum amount of additional pension you can buy is £6,822 (this figure will increase each year in line with the cost of living).


The amount it costs to buy extra pension depends on how much pension you want to buy, the age you are when you start paying the extra contributions and the length of time you want to pay them for.


You can read more in our guide to buying extra pension (PDF 4MB)


Further details, including an online calculator which will produce quotes for the cost of any purchase, can be found on the national LGPS Member website.  You should use the online calculator to find a purchase that is right for you and if you decide to take out an APC contract you can print off an application form.