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Co-habiting Partners

One of the benefits of the scheme is that an eligible cohabiting partner will receive a survivor's pension in the event of your death.  You have to have paid into the LGPS on or after 1 April 2008 for a pension to be payable to your eligible cohabiting partner. 

For a cohabiting partner to be eligible to receive a survivor's pension, certain qualifying conditions must be met.  A cohabiting partner who is eligible to receive a survivor's benefit is a partner who, at the date of your death, has met all of the following conditions for a continuous period of at least two years:

  • you and your co-habiting partner are, and have been, free to marry each other or enter into a civil partnership with each other, and
  • you and your co-habiting partner have been living together as if you were husband and wife, or civil partners, and
  • neither you or your co-habiting partner has been living with someone else as if you/they were husband and wife or civil partners, and
  • either your co-habiting partner is, and has been, financially dependent on you or you are, and have been, financially interdependent on each other.